Louisiana Purchase ~ Augmented Foldable for an Interactive Notebook....

Louisiana Purchase ~ Augmented Foldable for an Interactive Notebook....

As I prepare for this weeks #AR4Learning Twitter chat I decided to create a few examples of how teachers could augmented their foldables for their students' Interactive Notebooks.  You can use Interactive Notebooks for any subject I have chosen to create an example for American History.  For this foldable I created 2 augmented triggers. The 1st one is the map.  What you are going to do is print out the two sheets for this foldable.  You will also need 1 blank copy paper.  You are going to fold the blank copy paper like a hamburger.  With the fold at the top fold the blank paper again like a hamburger so that there is a crease in the middle of the blank paper.  Unfold the last fold.  With the 1st fold at the top glue the map to the front of the blank paper.  Cut the map on the crease you made (to make 2 flaps).  Do not cut the back page, just through the map.

Next: Cut out the two rectangles.  One has Lewis & Clark and the 2nd one has the words "Louisiana Purchase".  Glue down the two rectangles in the inside of the blank paper, so that when you lift the flaps you will see each rectangle. Now attach your foldable to your Interactive Notebook.

Next: Have students describe territorial expansion and how it affected the political map of the US, with emphasis on the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark expedition, filling in the two rectangles.

Augmented Triggers:

To activate the augmented content you will need the Blippar app.  With in the app you will need to enter the code 23530.  You can do this by tapping on the 3 lines at the top left of the screen.  Select "Settings" then select "Enter Code" and type in 23530.  After you have enter the code tap on those 3 lines again and select home.  Tap the screen and then scan the map.  When you are done with the video clip tap "Done".  Now scan Lewis & Clark.  The Lewis & Clark trigger has several interactive parts.  Try them all out!  I've included a quiz from Scholastic.  I would have students interact with the augmented content before I had the describe the territorial expansion in the rectangles of the foldable.

Join us in Twitter on March 24th at 8pm Central / 9pm Eastern for #AR4Learning as we chat more on how we can use augmented content in Interactive Notebooks. To join in on the chat follow the hashtag #AR4Learning.

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