Creating Fractions and Charts via Quiver...

Creating Fractions and Charts via Quiver...

Quiver's augmented coloring pages are so versatile which makes them possible to be used in writing, story problems, and even fractions and charts.  Because of the interactivity with Quiver's coloring pages students can record data to create fractions and charts.

I created this page for my students to record shooting practice in order to create a simple spreadsheet and chart.  There are so many chart making tools out there you will need to pick up that works best for you and your students.

My students will be using this page to record their data, sketch out their chart so when it is time to transfer their data to Google Sheets they will have an idea of what their Google chart should look like.

Having my students think their data as a fraction will help learn to read a chart.  Playing the shooting practice will help them stay engaged in collecting the data they will need in order to create a chart.

This page would work great in a student's math interactive notebook or in a center.  Before using this activity with your students you may want to go over how to collect data and writing out fractions.  You may also want to review different charts such as a bar chart verses a pie chart and when you each one.

Creating Fractions & Charts via Quiver app:

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