Augmenting the Ancient Times ....

Augmenting the Ancient Times ....

Have you ever thought about having students create a newspaper featuring news from ancient civilizations? There are several ways for students to create newspapers that can feature articles from the ancient civilizations.  SMORE an online digital Flyer, Magazine, and Newspaper creator is a great tool for students to use to create a digital newspaper or flyers. Using Blippar's Blipp Builder students or you can add digital content that the reader can interact with via the Blippar app.

For me augmented reality needs to be interactive.  If you are planning on linking the ancient newspaper or article to a single website or video then you should use a QR Code.  With Blippar you can add several different digital content to a single trigger. (An image or item you scan)  For example a couple of video clips, a few links to a websites, pictures, and an audio file, etc... can all be added to a single trigger. Make it interactive not just scannable.

There are other online creators that students can use to create their digital newspapers, articles, magazines, flyers, brochures, etc... No matter what the tool you have students use to create and show their learning just have a rubric for students.  Give them a clear idea on what you are looking for. You might to want to also talk about effort and what a quality piece of work looks like.


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