Solving Word Problems via Quiver ....

Solving Word Problems via Quiver ....

Augmented coloring pages can go beyond just coloring.  They can be used to introduce a topic or concept, as a writing prompt, and solving word problems.  Using Quiver's coloring pages I created a few word problems.  These pages would be great to add to an math interactive notebook or used in a center.  You can turn almost all of Quiver's coloring pages into word problems.  I also wanted to take it a step further. I do not just want students to solve word problems but rather they create their own.  Using the augmented or the magic part of the coloring pages I ask students to come up with their own word problem and answer.

Before you have students writing their own word problems you may want to equip them with some useful mathematical terms such as twice as many, less than, etc... Using the Frayer model for common mathematical terms in students' ISN would be a great tool for students to refer to when writing their own word problems.

Have students interact with the magical augmented element of the coloring pages before they start to write their own word problems.  This will help inspire them as they think about what would be a good problem for others to solve.  After students have written their word problems have them share with other students to see if they could come up with the correct answer.

The Frayer Model: Fold horizontally and glue the bottom half
to the ISN page so that it makes a flap. I like to have students write
 the word on the top flap.  So they can quickly find the word
 and lift the flap for the definition and examples.

Word Problems via the Quiver app:

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