Making Augmented Jack-o-Lanterns via Quiver ...

Making Augmented Jack-o-Lanterns via Quiver ...

When I was growing up I had to learn how to write out step by step instructions.  The best way my teacher had us learn was to write out the process in making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  During the demonstration the person following our instructions could not do anything unless we said it and we couldn't say anything unless we wrote it out.  By the end you knew you where successful if the person following your instructions made a successful peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

When I saw Quiver's pumpkin carving augmented coloring page, I thought how fun would it be for kids to type up steps into creating a jack-o-lantern.  What tools would you need to carve a Jack-o-Lantern? How would you clean out the pumpkin seeds?  What would you do with the pumpkin seeds? How many seeds might be in their pumpkin?  What should they do first carve the pumpkin or clean it? How would they carve the pumpkin?  What shapes would they make?

If your class was doing a science or math experiment say in comparing a small pumpkin to a larger one and which one would have more seeds you could incorporate it into this augmented activity.  Better yet add it to your interactive student notebook.  While they are writing out their instructions you could have them include how many seeds they think would be in their pumpkin.  As a class you can then do ratio of seeds to pumpkins.  You could make a chart of the different shapes used when creating the Jack-o-Lanterns, how many Jack-o-Lanterns have teeth, sunglasses, etc..

After students have typed up their instructions, which I would use Google Docs for.  Create a QR Code that will redirect the viewers to the instructions and place the QR Code with each Jack-o-Lantern.  If using Google Docs you can either make the page shareable or make it view-able on the web.  I would make the instructions view-able on the web.  As a class you can decide which step of instructions might make a successful Jack-o-Lantern by voting or making persuasive speeches and try to follow the instructions to the letter on a real pumpkin.  For younger students I would have them read off the instructions while the teacher follows and does the carving.

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