Presentations from Basic to Interactive

Presentations from Basic to Interactive

Presentations are no longer just for Microsoft PowerPoint.  You can create some very dynamic interactive presentations via online presentation tools.  My 8th grade Computer Apps class is doing a Endangered Animal Research and Presentation project.  I took the same animal and created 4 different presentations.  Part of Common Core Standards has students making choices and creating using technology.

Click Here to view my lesson for my Endangered Animal Research and Presentation project.

Web Tools Used:

  • Google Presentations
  • Google Docs

My Presentations:

Tech Tips:

  • Before your students create a presentation make a few yourself using the tools you wish your students to use.  I wouldn't use more than 4 different online presentation tools.
  • Let students pick the tool they would like to use for their presentation.
  • Have a clear list on what you are requiring from a presentation. 

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