AR in the Mail....

AR in the Mail....

You never know where augmented reality will show up in your life.  My oldest son is a junior this year and since spring he has been receiving mailings from universities and collages from all over.  Yesterday he received a mailing from Emporia State University and right on front there is a little message saying "Scan with Layar".  When scanned the guy comes to life via a video.

What I would have liked to have seen with using augmented reality is more than just a video.  I think Emporia State should have done besides the video was add a link to their university website, maybe even have an additional video touring the campus.  Augmented reality needs to be interactive not just a video.  If you just do a video then it is more like a QR code.

I will give kudos to Emporia State University for thinking outside the box and giving AR a try.

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