Miami Device Wishing...

Miami Device Wishing...

In my school I am the 1st implementer for EdTech.  I learn the tech tools and go back to my district and teach those around me what I have learned.  There are very few EdTech conferences in Kansas so I am reaching out to other EdTech conferences so that I can continue to learn.  If I could attend Miami Device I would attend as many session as possible that focuses on student-center learning, project/problem/challenged base learning, as well as game base learning.  My goal is to put learning back into the hands of kids and equip them with the right tools.  Amazing things happen when we let kids teach.  I also hope I inspire all of those I connect with.

I also present at as many EdTech conferences as possible.  I really like sharing what I learn with others.  My new gained EdTech knowledge that I obtain from Miami Device will help me in what proposals I should submit to other EdTech conferences.  Since I am also a blogger I would also promote Miami Device and write about my experience from the conference.  My Google Glasses help me in capturing my experiences and Google loves to put all of my pictures together into Google Stories, which makes it easier to share.

I look forward to Miami Device in person or living vicariously through Twitter.

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