My Reflection of EdmodoCon 2014....

My Reflection of EdmodoCon 2014....

This was my 2nd EdmodoCon I participated live in.  I had watch some of the past recordings when I started using Edmodo in 2012 and thought this would be a fun EdTech conference.  You don't have to leave my home and you can wear my PJs if you wanted to. I did choose to get in the spirit and wear my Edmodo shirt.  The best part of the conference other than it was FREE was connecting with other educators from around the world.

In 2013 EdmodoCon inspired me to develop a global project. 2014 EdmodoCon inspired me to continue my project. It also helped me narrow down my focus for my global project and allowed me to make more connections. I was also inspired to use the badges in a more effective manner than I had in the past.  My favorite saying I will be using with my students is "Edmodo That".

If you didn't get a chance to attend the free online EdTech conference you can still watch the recordings form the event.  It takes about a week for them to be processed and posted online.  I also suggest you attend the Edmodo Chats on Thursday evenings at 7pm EDT.  

"Edmodo is a highway and I am going to ride it all year long!"


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