Under this Tree....

Under this Tree....

Under this tree I learned about little fairies that tend to my flowers.  These special fairies are so small that they could fit inside of my tea cup.  Each fairy has a special job to do.  Some make sure each flower has just right amount of water. While others make sure the nectar is so sweet that it will make the bees dance with joy.  Some of the fairies even paint the beautiful designs on each butterfly.  When we are away the fairies like to play.  I've been told that they love to hop on the
back of our dog and have him run around the yard while they yell for joy and grin from ear to ear.  While under this tree I learned that there was a magical door built into the tree that the fairies use.  For you see these little gardeners live within my tree.

Under this I also learned about kindergarten or what my daughter dreams kindergarten will be like.  In kindergarten did you know that you get to play all day with your friends. You can run and jump outside and swing high on the swings, while your best friend pushes you.  At lunch you get yummy food that your mom packed for you. My daughter just can't wait to eat the pudding or applesauce, because those will be the best parts of her lunch.  I also learned that she now will have a music class, which she can't wait for.  She loves to sing and hopes the teacher will even let her dance a little.  She doesn't understand this thing everyone is calling P.E. but she knows that it requires tennis shoes.
Under this Tree We Dream

My dream for her is to always believe that school is fun, learning is fun, and being around people you connect with share with is best part of school.

While under this tree I was inspired to do a little doodling.  I do not doodle a lot, but when I do I love to try out new art apps. The app I used was called Drawing Desk.

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