Summer Goals....

Summer Goals....

During the summer I like to set goals for myself and I get really excited when I meet these goals.  One goal was to create a interactive ebook for my 6th grade history class.  I knew it would take me most of the summer to complete this task since history is not my strong subject.  I am sure after I start to use the ebook with my students that I will be adding and changing things, but for right now it is complete and ready for me to use.

Another goal I set for myself was to start a global community for teachers to learn more about augmented reality.  As of this morning I have 132 members from around the world that have joined the AR for Educators community.  I am really thrilled about this group, we have not only educators in the group but also some developers.  It is a place where educators can go to learn, share, and get help with augmented reality. My goal for this group is to connect with as many educators and augmented reality developers in order to share and learn more about ways to use augmented reality in the classroom.

Coming Up Next...

Next on my to do list is to launch my Global Digital Scrapbook Project.  This year the project is going to focus on how teachers and students are using augmented reality.  My plan is for the project to showcase ways augmented reality is being used in the classrooms around the world.  Keep an eye out for the launch.  I would love for your classroom to join in on this project.

Augmented reality lessons are next up on my list to do.  I can't wait to share with you the details of this project.  I almost did a backflip when I was asked to work on this project.  If all goes according to plan these lessons will be launched by October.  I will keep you posted on the details.

Check Out My Completed Goals:

When downloading ebooks use Safari on your iPad.  You may also download these ebooks to your Mac if you have Maverick.
It does take a long time to download these files.

Coming Soon:

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