Going Beyond a Simple Textbook....

Going Beyond a Simple Textbook....

Last year I created an interactive ebook for my technology classes.  I filled it with a variety of of video clips, screenshots, presentations, and resources for them to refer to.  This year I wanted to create another interactive ebook but I wanted to be able to be used cross-platform and on all devices.  I guess like always I am ahead of my time.  If I wanted to make my interactive ebook available for all devices I would have to pay a company to convert it for me and there was no promise that all of my interactive components would work.  So I went back to iBook Author and created my interactive book which can only be accessed via iBooks.

I haven't decided if I wanted to submit this book to the iTunes Store or not.  The iPads that my students use block the iTunes and App Store so it isn't possible for them to download the book from there.  I did find a alternative way around that issue.  I saved the iBook file to my classroom website and my students can download it from there. It does take a while for the book to download and if I make any changes the kids will have to download the book again.

Now I can say I am a published author and I now have 2 editions to my Computer Apps e-Textbook.


Mrs. Wilson's Computer Apps - Bringing Learning to Life
Use Safari on your iPad to download this file. You can also download this file if you have Maverick on your Mac.  It will take a while to download.

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