Bringing Learning to Life....

Bringing Learning to Life....

I am proud to announce the launch of the 2nd Global Digital Scrapbook project. This Global Digital Scrapbook will showcase how augmented reality is being used in the classrooms around the world.

Project Goals:
Teachers and students will engage in discussions with others during the project about they are using augmented reality in their classroom. They will share how they are using pre-made triggers and or if they are creating their own augmented reality triggers.

Duration: 2014-2015 School year:
  • You can participate in the 1st semester session.
  • You can participate in the 2nd semester session.
  • You can participate in both sessions.

Targeted Grade Levels/Age Groups: All ages.

How This Project Works:
Teachers will communicate via the Augmented Reality Google+ Community.
Teachers will submit content to be added to the Digital Scrapbook.


Teachers will need to submit a photo that will represent their school or classroom. This photo will be used as a maker for the interactive map as well as the header for their page.

Throughout the project teachers/classes will submit images, videos, write ups, and etc... that will be added to the various pages for the Global Digital Scrapbook.

How to submit your content will be posted after the project has started.

For further information
DM @katieann_76

The Project:

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