After the tenth student that came and asked me for help with their math homework I realized that I needed to brush up on my math skills.  I also realized that when I see a math problem my mind starts to solve the problem, its like an automatic response.  What I am having trouble with is explaining to the kids the steps my mind went through to solve the problem.  This triggered me to find a resource that the kids can use and will explain the steps.  I searched and discovered StudyJams.

I have to say from a teacher view StudyJams is AWESOME!  StudyJams is by Scholastic and they not only has math topics but also they have science topics.  At this moment I am interested in the math topics.  With each topic they demonstrated step-by-step instructions on how they worked the problem.  The students then get to try it for themselves.  What I love is that they get instant feedback after working the problem.  After they have tried it for themselves they can test themselves.  When they are done testing themselves they can see the problems they missed.  Again they get instant feedback.  If they didn't understand the process on how they solved the problem they can go back and see those steps again.  It's like having a math teacher on demand. 

Tech Tip:

  • Save the StudyJams link to your school or classroom webpage.
  • Walk students through the website the 1st time.
  • Demonstrate how the step-by-step instructions work.

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