Has Your Google Drive Gone Crazy?

Has Your Google Drive Gone Crazy?

Our school has gone to Google Apps for Education and several of my colleagues have asked how do you organize that crazy out of control Google Docs/Drive?  Since I've been using Google Docs for almost 10 years now I learned quickly to stay organized so I don't really think about it any more.  I guess I just think of my online storage as an extension of my hard drive.

I've found a few video clips that I think really explain how you can organize that out of control crazy Google Docs/Drive.

Tech Tip:

  • Make Folders and Sub Folders.
  • Download Google Drive to your Main Computer.
    • This helps so you can create and organize those files a little better.
  • Home has been replaced with "Activity List".
    • Right Click (control + click) on an item you wish not to show in the "Activity List" and click Don't Show in Activity List.  This will remove it from what was the Home.
  • Use the Search features.  This really does help find those files you can't remember where you filed them away.

This is a screen shot of my Google Drive.  As you can see I only show my folders on my Activity List a.k.a. my Home.  I also color code my folders. (Click on the picture to enlarge it.)

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