Making Your Mark ...

Making Your Mark ...

Inspired by International Dot Day on September 15th of this year I made it my goal to discover how my students could make their mark in this world.  We brainstormed many ways other people in the world have already made their mark from Justin Bieber being discovered because of his videos on YouTube to random acts of kindness and recycling.  Our discussion lead to me finding classrooms from around the country to connect with. Thanks to Skype in the Classroom my students had a blast connecting with other students thousands of miles away.  We shared some of the ideas we brainstormed on how we can make our mark.  Several of my students now have made a commitment to help out with community service projects as well as helping others.

One of my classes had a surprise when they learned that they may be on the evening news in Green Bay WI.  It turned out the evening news was present when we made our Skype call as we shared ways we could leave our mark.

What made my day was when a few of my students stayed after school to inform me that I had made my mark within them and thanked me for thinking outside the box, that I had inspired them.  They also wanted to know what was next.

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