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Online Word Walls ...

I attended a webinar over using Wall Wisher which is a free online collaboration tool.  A lightbulb went on and I thought what a great way to get my students thinking and talking about technology terms.  I don't know about you but when someone tells me that thingy or whatchamacallit is not working really is not proper vocabulary or terminology for technology.  I even have adults use that type of terminology when talking anything tech related to me. It only took me two minutes to set up my Technology Word Wall in Wall Wisher and then embed it into my classroom website.  I do have it set up that I must approve each posts.   

Knowing that technology terminology is such a broad topic and having about 80 eighth grade students I decided that we needed to collaborate and everyone needs a hand in creating our "Technology Word Wall". 

The following were the instructions I gave my students.

Part I:

  • You need to research words you think relates to technology.
  • You need to add your word and its definition written in your own words to the wall.
  • You are only allowed 160 characters.

Part II:

  • If another student has copied your idea you will need to comunicate and decide which definition needs to be removed and email me your decision.
  • Find more words.   

Part III: Which they have not done yet.

  • They will be creating a quiz in Google Forms using 10-15 of the technology terms that has been posted to the wall.
  • I will have active links to all of the quizzes created posted on my classroom website for students to access.
  • My students will then have to pick 5 different quizzes.  If they don't receive at least 80% on each quiz then they will have a chance to pick a different quiz and do a retake.
Last year I spent weeks coming up with activities to teach only a handful of technology terms to my kids and most of it went in one ear and out the other.  After just a week of launching this word wall my students are talking and having some meaningful discussions among themselves circling around technology terminology.  

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