Exit Slips in 160 Characters or Less...

Exit Slips in 160 Characters or Less...

For the past week my 6th grade students have been learning about culture.  We brainstormed what culture was and create a collage of items that best represents culture.  Students then had to do an impromptu persuasive speech on why their collage best represented culture.  After the speeches were finished we then voted on which collages best represented culture.  Now it was time to assess if my students understood culture before we head onto the Ancient Civilizations.   I racked my brain trying to figure out how I was going to assess their opinion on what culture means to them.  Then it hit me.  I just used WallWisher which is a free online collaborating tool with my computer apps class to build a technology terminology wall, why can't I use that same tool as an exit slip.

I posted the question and gave instructions to my students to write what culture means to them.  In one glance I can see which students got the concept of culture and which ones did not.  I also can see which students that need more practice in typing compete and proper sentences.

Who would have thought that online sticky notes could be used as an assessment tool?

Tech Tip:

  • Set up the wall before class.
  • If you have a class website or blog embed the wall so it is easier for students to find.
  • When setting up the wall check mark that you want to approve all posts.
  • Have students erase Anonymous and type in their 1st name. 

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