Oliver Dreams Big

Oliver Dreams Big .....

My daughter gets to be a helper in school in which she will be helping to introduce the letter "O".  Me being the Techie Teacher thought how cool would it be if the two of us wrote and illustrated a book for her class.  Using the Digital Storytelling web tool Little Bird Tales we created the story "Oliver Dreams Big".  I wanted Oliver to be orange octopus and she wanted him to be an octagon.  Together with collaboration we created Oliver the Orange Octagon Octopus who lives in a big blue ocean.  We used Google Draw to create our under water world that Oliver lives in.  

Teacher Resources:

Tech Tip:

  • If you use Google Draw you will need to download your picture as a jpeg so you can upload it into Little Bird Tales.
  • You can also draw within Little Bird Tales.
  • You can even record your child reading the story you create together.

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