App / Tool of the Week ... PlayART & Nomad Brush

App / Tool of the Week ... PlayART & Nomad Brush

When I was at the FETC conference I learned about the Nomad Brush.  This special brush interacts with your iPad like a paint brush.  I just had to try this out for myself.  I already had the app PlayART on my iPad so I thought these two tools would be a perfect pair.  The PlayART app lets you interact with elements from 8 artist such as Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, and Gustav Klimt.

I purchased the smaller fatter brush since I have a kindergartener and thought she would love to use this tool.  After its arrival I decide that I need a classroom set of these paint brushes.  I am trying to teach my students to create original work instead of copying or stealing images from of the internet.  Having original artwork will make their projects more authentic and unique.  I normally teach my students how to draw using Google Draw since we are a Google Apps for Education school.  Since my 7th and 8th graders have their own iPads I have been looking more into how to get their creativity flowing and apps that they can create and then use their creations in writing projects.  

Now I am no artist by any means but I found using this brush and the PlayART app very user friendly.  I liked how my brush strokes showed up making for different effects.  I suggest trying the brush with a variety of apps that are focused in the draw or art areas.
My goal is to have my students create original work, write a children's or short story, and then tell their stories in front of a green-screen.  This would also be a great way to tell a poem, report, or even do a play.

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