Making Our Mark ....

Making Our Mark .... 

One of the tools I used to access students' knowledge for word processing skills is by having them do a simple write up on how they can make their mark on the world.  I ask them to show me what they know how to do, add pictures, change font, and etc... This year I added a twist to the assignment.  After they finished their write up and posted it in Edmodo for me to view they had to create a LOGO that went with how they plan to leave their mark.  This LOGO is no regular LOGO it has an Augmented Reality twist to it.  I used the colAR Dot Day coloring page and the colAR Mix app to bring their LOGOs to life.
My students really loved watching their LOGO spring to life when they where scanning it via their iPad.  I can see using the colAR coloring pages as a spring board for a creative writing projects. The staff at colAR are adding to their coloring pages some of the pages you do have to pay for and some are free.  I try to use the free ones with the kids.  Coloring is not just of elementary students especially if there is an Augmented Reality twist added.


Making Our Mark by Slidely Slideshow

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