Count Down to Glass ....

Count Down to Glass ....

As I prepare for Google Glass to arrive to this small town in the middle of the USA, literally in the middle, I am starting to plan how I can use them in my small classroom.  I really would like to use them not only with my students but with students throughout the school district even down to the little pre-schoolers.  I know that the possibilities are going to be endless and my students will also have a plan for them as well.  One of the 1st projects I want to do is a Green-Screen project.  I am really into creating unique digital stories with the help of Green-Screen effect.  I am not 100% sure how this project will turn out, but I do know it will be one of a kind.

Another project I would like to do is add Augmented Reality to a presentation.  I am not sure which apps yet interact with Glass so I am not certain how this project will fully come together until I have Glass to work with.  I will be inviting the pre-schoolers over to play around with some Augmented Reality objects and have them wear Glass to capture their reaction and learning from their point-a-view.

I know one of the science teachers at the high school has a plan to use Glass and record and document weather.  Not sure how he plans on doing this until we have the wearable technology to see how to pull it all together.  Introducing this technology to the students will definitely be a learning curve.  There will also be lots of problem solving skills being used and a lot of thinking outside the box.

If you would like to help to bring Google Glass to our school and make difference you can visit the campaign page "Bring Glass to Our School".

  • What kind of projects would you like to see students working on using Glass?
  • What apps would you like to see paired up with Glass?

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