Reflection of FetC 2014 ....

Reflection of FetC 2014 ....

FetC is a national technology educational conference held in Orlando Florida.  I had the pleasure of attending and presenting at this very energetic tech ed conference.  I met some amazing people and learned a lot thanks to a good friend Brenda for letting tag along.

My funny take away from the conference was getting a new nickname.  When I walked around the conference and even at the airport afterwards people would come up and say Hi Edmodo Spin Girl.  I had worked the Edmodo booth throughout the conference. While working the booth I presented about how I created a Global Project using Edmodo.  This was the 1st time I did a "Theater Presentation" where people just came in had a seat and listened while I shared.  I was a little nervous wearing a mic and having people walking around while I presented, I wasn't used to that.  I did make some new best friends but only after attendees spun the prize wheel and then won an Edmodo T-Shirt.  I really enjoyed meeting new people and talking with teachers that love and use Edmodo.  I tried to answer as many questions as I could, if I didn't have the answer I was glad that the support staff for Edmodo was present to help out.

My favorite part of the conference was the TechShare.  It was energetic and very informational all at the same time.  I walked away with tons of new ideas and apps I wanted to use.  Thanks to Kathy I am going to have to get my daughter the Porkfolio, the smart piggy bank.  I am also going to have to find someone with a Kinect so I can do the  I think it would be neat to have a 3D figure of me holding my iPad, Smartphone, and Laptop.  I also want to try and have my students create an encyclopedia via Wikipedia.  This would be a great resource of the content my students use when doing their research projects.  I also can't wait to try Flick, where you can flick or share your photos, documents, notes, and even contacts with any devices via the Flick app.  As soon as I get home I will be ordering the Nomad Brush, it acts like a paint brush for your iPad.

While I was waiting to enter the keynote presentation I was showing teachers some Augmented Reality.  It was fun showing and sharing what I have learned about Augmented Reality.  I smiled when someone would come up to me and ask to see my interactive calling card.  I had created this calling card to pass out and I had put a spin on it and added an Augmented Reality component.

When I get a chance I will be showing my staff the Quixy site.  It is a search engine just for apps.  TagBoard will be another tool I want to use not only with my staff but also with my students.  You can search across social media hashtags.

Some Take Away Resources: 

Katie Ann's FetC 2014 Overview by Slidely Slideshow
If the slideshow doesn't play Click Here.


  1. Katie, meeting you and learning about AR was one if my highlights. Perhaps I'll see you again at MACE :) thanks for being so open to sharing!

  2. Lisa - I am sure we will met up again at MACE. Thank you for spending some time with me. Who knew going to Florida I would meet someone from Manhattan.


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