Getting Ready to Present at FETC ....

Getting Ready to Present at FETC ....

Today Brenda Hauff and I will be presenting Creating an iTunes U Course as Easy as 1, 2, 3.  I think we are ready to go.  The presentation is done the sample courses are made, and the resources are all saved to either the sample course or Edmodo.  We will be help other educators create a iTunes U course that they can use right away in their classroom.  We will be showing them how to add materials, make posts, and share their newly created iTunes U course.  I will also be showing how they can even create their own interactive ebook to go along with their iTunes U course.

Thanks to Edmodo we have a home to save our resources to and create a learning environment with our attendees.  Our attendees will be able to ask questions even long after we have left the session.  Our resources will be at their finger tips and they will be able to go back and review or even retrieve them if needed.

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