Update on eBook ....

Update on eBook ....

I created an interactive eBook via iBook Author for my 8th grade Computer Apps class.  It has some video clips I made or found very helpful along with interactive review questions and helpful screenshots.  I used the eBook this past semester with my students.  The feedback from my students was very positive.  They liked being able to watch, pause, rewind, and even fast forward the video clips I made. I also received high marks from my students because I had hyperlinked the videos to my classroom YouTube channel.

Now that I had a chance to use it with students I went back through my eBook and made some minor adjustments suggested by my students and added student created examples.

If you would like to view my little eBook Mrs. Wilson's Computer Apps - Let's Take Flight please click here.  If you had previously downloaded my eBook via the iTunes store you should see in iBooks that is has an update.  As I continue to use this book with my students I will be updating it as well as adding more resources.

I am also known as the Queen of Typos.  If you see a mistake please let me know.

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