Moving Out of the Lab....

Moving Out of the Lab....

In the past students and teachers could only obtain access to technology was through a lab setting.  Schools hired professionals to teach and or train students how to use the technology.  Once students left the lab setting they left the technology behind.  In todays world that is no longer the case.  With schools going 1:1 with devices is the lab really needed?  There are some pros and of course cons to having a lab and 1 person responsible for teaching how to use the tech.

Pros for a Lab: 

  • All devices are set up the same and have the same programs.
  • 1 person is responsible for the instruction.
  • Instruction is structured. 
  • Desktops don't walk away and are stationary.
  • Can be monitored.

Cons for a Lab:

  • Only 1 person is responsible for the instruction.
  • Desktops are not mobile.
  • Technology and skills stay in the lab.
  • Limited time and use in the lab.
  • Instruction is structured.
When it comes to technology and learning how to use it needs to be put in real world experiences not in a structured lab setting.  One teacher shouldn't be the only one teaching kids how to apply the technology in real world settings.  Technology is no longer just available in a lab, but can be found everywhere.  The more diverse kids are with technology the better prepared for the real world they will become.

How Educators Can Connect and Learn the Tech:

  • Find the Learning Platform that works for you either being face to face, online professional development, webinars, edcamps, and etc...  
  • Don't be afraid to let your students teach you how they use the tech.
  • Don't be afraid to fail.  Failing is the 1st step in learning something new.  When we learn to walk we fell with each step until we mastered balancing and walking.  That didn't stop us from wanting to learn to run.

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