App / Tool of the Week - PocketCloud ....

App / Tool of the Week - PocketCloud ....

I have a MOBI which is a handheld device that lets me control my computer, SMARTBoard tools, and other applications remotely.  When the software updated recently it had stopped working, due to the computer I was using having an outdated operating system.  I spend most of my time walking around my classroom and loved that I could control my computer from across the room.  Since my MOBI wasn't working I started researching apps for my teacher iPad that would do the same thing as what my MOBI did.  I found a handful but they cost money.  Being a teacher and lack of funds I needed an App that was low cost or no cost.  I found the following app PocketCoud Remote Desktop.

This app is free.  You do have to visit their website and download the computer software to the computer you are wanting to control.

Steps to Set up the PocketCloud:

  • Click to Download the App 
  • Visit their Website and Download and Install The Campaign (click to visit their website)
  • Run the Computer software.  The username for the computer part of the setup is the name of your computer.  The password will be the password for your computer.
  • To Auto Detect - Enter your Gmail and its password.  This will auto detect your iPad with your computer.

On your iPad:

  • After you have downloaded the app to your iPad you will need set it up to see your computer.
  • Click Auto Connect.
  • Enter the same Gmail you used when setting up your computer.
  • Make sure you are running the computer software.  If so then you will need to click Done.
  • Click Connect.
  • It will ask you for your computer credentials.  The computer name and your computers password is what you will enter. (You should only have to do this once.)
  • Now you should be able to control your computer. 

Tech Tips:

  • Once you have your iPad is connected to your computer play around controlling your computer via your iPad.
  • There is a little lag between your iPad and computer so be a little patient.
  • To use your IWB a.k.a. SMARTBoard tools remotely you need to have them installed on the computer you are controlling via your iPad.  

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