Preparing for FetC 2014....

Preparing for FetC 2014....

My bag is packed, the presentation is ready, and my nervous are bouncing all over the place. This is my 1st time attending FetC, and I can't wait to connect, learn and share with these amazing educators. 

FetC is a national conference which is a content-rich conference that brings education leaders and technology experts together.  I am honored to be co-presenting with Brenda Hauff on Tuesday Jan. 28th.  The workshop is about Creating an iTunes U Course.  If you plan to attend make sure you have a iTunes account or Apple ID.  We will be teaching you how easy it is to create a iTunes U course you can use in your classroom.

This past few months had worked towards becoming an Edmodo Certified Trainer.   Now I get the privilege of hanging out with the staff and other Certified Trainers of Edmodo at the Edmodo booth.  Feel free to stop by and chat.  I would love to share with you my experiences with Edmodo.  On Jan. 30th and 31st at 12:30, not sure of the location, I will also be presenting how I created My Global Project with the use of Edmodo.  The presentation is short and sweet and you will get an over view how I created my Global Project within Edmodo.

I really like that FetC has an app so that I can still remain paperless and still be able to stay connected and informed of what is going on at the conference.  There are a lot of things to do while at the conference.  I plan on visiting the poster sessions, and several booths as well as attending sessions of course.  I can't wait to meet the SimpleK12 peeps, after attending 200 live webinars from SimpleK12 I kind of feel like I know them already.  To kick off my experience I get to join in on a Photowalk.  The photographer in me is doing the happy, happy, joy, joy dance.

I will have a calling / business card and since I am really into Augmented Reality I added an augmented Reality component to it.  If you visit me be sure to pick up my card and scan it with the Layar App.


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