App / Tool of the Week ...... ThingLink

App / Tool of the Week ...... ThingLink

I accepted a Blogging Challenge by Manitoba Educators (#mbedchatblog) to blog at least once a month.  My goal for 2014 is not to fade away but to share my experiences and reflections.  With the help of the challenge and their reminders I should post as least once a month with either an app or tool I've learned about.

ThingLink is a tool to create interactive images. I learned about this tool last year but didn't really have a chance to really start using it.  Since I will be presenting at different conferences this year I thought this would be a great tool to organize some of my content in a fun and interactive way.   I also have plans to turn these interactive images to Augmented Reality objects too. Below is an example of a ThingLink Image.

25 of My Favorite Apps on My Personal iPad.

To make this interactive image I placed the apps I wanted to showcase all on one screen of my iPad.  I then took a screenshot of my iPad.  To take a screenshot hold down the Power Button and Home Button on your iPad.  I like to call the Home Button the Belly Button of the iPad.  I then uploaded my image to my Thinglink account.  I tagged each app icon to the URL of the app in iTunes, so that you can download it easier.  The Layar app is also tagged to the Layar Creator website in case you want to create your own AR objects.

Ideas for Interactive Images:

  • Link to Online Presentations
  • Link to Apps in iTunes
  • Link to Online Resources
  • Research Project and Link to Presentations, Resources, and or Video Clips
  • Book Report and Link to Projects 

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