Creating an Augmented Snowman....

Creating an Augmented Snowman....

3D objects are not just for a 3D printer. You can take almost any 3D file and create an augmented reality experience. To introduce my students to technology terminology I had a project printing on the high school's 3D printer.  I then took the STL file of the snowman and imported into Daqri's 4D studio along with video clips, pictures, and a link to my blog post about 3D printing and created a unique augmented reality experience. When you scan the picture of me and Olaf with Daqri's app you will experience how we built a snowman.

With Daqri's 4D studio I was able to create 3 chapters each with a different augmented reality experience.  I can even go into the studio and change the experience but added more interactive components or rearrange them.

How cool would it be if at a science fair there were trigger images that you can interact with.  You could see the student's research, video clips of them working on their projects, slide show of the projects progress, or even interview clips of the student or experts.

When it comes to students creating augmented projects the possibilities are endless.


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