Kid's On Strike - Augmented Jigsaw Puzzle

Kid's On Strike - Augmented Jigsaw Puzzle

A 6th grade Language Arts teacher friend of mine is teaching a literacy unit on the book "Kids' On Strike", by Susan Campbell Bartoletti. She is using the lesson plan from Building America and asked me if there was any way I could incorporate augmented reality (a.k.a. AR) into the lesson.  My answer was of course I can do that. I studied the lesson plan, read the book, and then dove right into how could I incorporate augmented reality into this topic.

Knowing my teacher friend was wanting to do a Jigsaw approach to this unit I decided that was the approach I needed to use to incorporate AR into the unit.  The book has 8 chapters that talk about the different types of strikes that had happened in the late 1800's and early 1900's. I found an image to represent each chapter.  Each image was then divided into 4th's.  The idea is for each member of the small group that is learning about a certain chapter would get a piece of the image.  When each piece is scanned an augmented element would appear.  When all the pieces are put together a 5th augmented element would appear.  Giving the experience a jigsaw feel.

The goal of the project is for each small group to be responsible for learning the content of the chapter assigned to them and to share what they have learned with their base group, learning the pieces to make the whole approach.  Within the small group each person is responsible to become the expert of the content that is embedded in their piece of their photo.  Above is one of the images that was used for this project.  If you print and cut the image into 4th's you will experience the augmented elements I have embedded into the image, or you just scan parts of the image.  One of the augmented elements is to take you to a Padlet board I created for this project.  Each image has it's own Padlet board.  This board will be where the students hold their discussions and to share what they have learned about that certain chapter.  

The App you will need to use for this project is Aug That's "Supreme Tutoring Augmented Reality” (STAR).  The app is available in both the Apple App store and the Google Play store.  Aug That is developing a teacher community called Teach Connect where teachers can share their augmented lessons they have created in a safe secure environment. There is no channel to follow, no password to enter, and no other content will appear on your augmented triggers when using their platform.  What teachers like about this community other than we can share content and it is safe, is they don't have to build it.  All they have to do is send the trigger image they want to use along with the AR element and the team at Aug That will put it together for you.  The team does approve all trigger images and content, so that you know that everything in the community is safe for kids and is educational.  This does take some time for the team to go through all the requests, so give them a day or two.

How to Bring the Above Image Alive:

  • Download the Supreme Tutoring Augmented Reality. Pick the app store you need.
  • Launch the app.  Click "Start Lesson"
  • Click "Teach Connect"
  • Scan part of the image. (The corner area.)
  • Scan another part of the image. (repeat)
  • Scan the entire image.


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