Eagle's View .... Augmented Eagle Nests

Eagle's View .... Augmented Eagle Nests

My daughter's kindergarten class is currently hatching chicks. She had sweet talked her dad and grandpa into buying chicks so she can watch them grow up on the family farm. Her little project got me thinking about having a birds eye view of a nest and how I could incorporate augmented reality.

When we go on vacation we try to make it educational for the entire family, we visit national parks, museums and etc...  A few years ago we went to Yellow Stone National Park, and I just happened to be at the right place at the right time and snapped this picture of a Bald Eagle. Thinking about my daughter and her love to watch baby animals, I thought how cool would it be to peek into a Bald Eagle's nest via an augmented trigger.  A augmented trigger would be easier for younger kids to use and peek into a next rather trying to look up a web address.

My plan was to embed a live web cam as the augmented element.  To my surprise the Aug That team embedded several live web cams, so my daughter and her class can see into multiple eagles nest.  When you use Aug That's "Supreme Tutoring Augmented Reality” (STAR) app and scan different areas of the image you will get a different live web cam of an eagle's nest to look at.

The App you will need to use for this project is Aug That's "Supreme Tutoring Augmented Reality”(STAR).  The app is available in both the Apple App store and the Google Play store.  Aug That is developing a teacher community called Teach Connect where teachers can share their augmented lessons they have created in a safe secure environment. There is no channel to follow, no password to enter, and no other content will appear on your augmented triggers when using their platform.  What teachers like about this community other than we can share content and it is safe, is they don't have to build it.  All they have to do is send the trigger image they want to use along with the AR element and the team at Aug That will put it together for you.  The team does approve all trigger images and content, so that you know that everything in the community is safe for kids and is educational.  This does take some time for the team to go through all the requests, so give them a day or two.

How to Bring the Above Image Alive:

  • Download the Supreme Tutoring Augmented Reality. Pick the app store you need.
  • Launch the app.  Click "Start Lesson"
  • Click "Teach Connect"
  • Scan part of the image. (The corner area.)
  • Scan another part of the image. (repeat)
  • Scan the entire image.


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