Why Use AR....the Challenges

Why Use AR....the Challenges

Teaching others how to incorporate augmented reality into education is a passion of mine.  I love how diverse augmented reality can be.  I have also seen how engaging and powerful it can be when used as a learning tool.  I don't want to just learn about the solar system, I want to hold it in my hands! I want to dig deep into it and find out how it ticks. I want to explore every corner, turn it inside out, and flip it around. Augmented reality gives me the tools to do just that.
I don't want to just read about something, I want to learn about it.   
I've been asked to help others in dipping their toes so to speak into the water and start exploring the possibilities of augmented reality in education.  To help build the support line in learning how to incorporate augmented reality in education I am developing a series of challenges. My goal is to launch each new challenge via my podcast as well as develop an ebook to support the learning process.  As each challenge is completed the participants will also be able to earn a badge.

You will be able to follow the challenges via: 

Are you ready to take the challenge?

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