Following Your Dreams ....

Following Your Dreams ....

What most people do not know is that my 1st day of teaching was my oldest son's 1st day of kindergarten. He have shared 13 first days of school, 13 Christmas breaks, 13 Spring Breaks, and 13 Summer Vacations together.  When I was 18 and planning my future teaching as a career wasn't even on my radar.  I wanted to travel the world and do something in international business.  I was really good at using the computer and showing others how to use this new thing called "email" and the "internet".  A year into college and going after my dream I met my soon to be husband who changed my world.  After we married our son soon joined our lives and that was the moment we decided that one of us needed to be there for him, so I changed gears and went into education.   I not only was able to have pretty much the same schedule as him but I also was blessed to be one of his teachers, not once but 3 times.

As I reflect the times we shared while at school, it will be the surprise popping into my classroom just so he could say "HI Mom" I will miss the most.  When he was in kindergarten and first grade he would tell the teacher he needed to use the bathroom and he pop his cute little red head in my doorway and say "Hi, mom. How's your day?".  He would surprise me all the way through high school popping in just to say hi.  On his last week of school I was thinking about how much I was going to miss him popping in and just then there he was standing in my classroom.

Who would have thought I would spend my first 13 years in education sharing it with such a wonderful young man.  He has been my inspiration and I am sure he will continue to be.  He plans to continue his education and small part of me is a little sad that I will not be there to share his experiences while the other part of me is so proud of him.  He was accepted to the College of Engineering at Kansas State University before he even started his senior year of high school.  His major will be Computer Science with a minor in Cyber Security.  He also plans on working towards his masters in Computer Science.

On his last week of school he received the letter he wrote himself when he was in the 7th grade. His major goal when he was 12 was to learn how to code and program while attending college and getting a degree in computer programming. I am so happy he is following his dreams.  The hardest part of watching him follow his dreams is letting him go.  At least I have 8 more weeks to enjoy his sweet face before he goes off to follow his dream.  I am also pretty sure when he pops in from now on just to say HI I will treasure it even more.

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  1. Congratulations! How fun to have your son be one of your students...3X's!! Great story!


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