Adding #AugmentedReality to Programs ....

Adding #AugmentedReality to Programs ....

Did you ever wanted to know the background information of a play or musical?  What about taking a peek into the behind the scenes? With augmented reality you can do those things and much more.  Why not add a trailer to the program, a cast bio, behind the scenes, bloopers, facts about the program or important information.  Augmenting a program or playbill will allow you to add those items.  When a patron scans the cover they can access the digital content you attached.

Try this example of an augmented playbill of the "Wizard of Oz".  When you scan the image a trailer video clip will auto play.  After the video plays you will have access to another video clip as well as some pictures.  Just think of the possibilities.  While patrons are waiting for the show to go on they can be learning about the cast, the musical/play/program, the original author, and so much more.  Think about the printing cost to.  In stead of printing a booklet you can print up a postcard.  Don't forget to include instructions on how to access the content.

Don't stop with just school musical, plays, and programs.  What about augmenting a sporting program.  How cool would it be to have live stats of a player and their bio.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating augmented content.

Join us on May 5th for #AR4Learning as we chat more about ways to incorporate augmented reality into the ARTS.

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