Augmented Color Poems ....

Augmented Color Poems ....

Writing poetry can be hard for students.  Why not bring their poems to life with the use of augmented reality.  Start off with something simple such as a poem about their favorite color.  Have them use an app the can draw/design in or Google Draw to create the image that will be turned into their trigger.  For this trigger image I used Canva.  The goal of this augmented color poem is to scan the trigger and the poem along with slideshow of pictures that represent the poem will appear.  Again I used Canva to write my poem and save it as a jpg file.  Your students can use any drawing app as long as they can export their creation as a jpg file.

For my augmented color poem you will need the Blippar App.  Within the app you will need to enter the code "23722" before scanning the image.  I download the purple poem as a jpg file then uploaded to Blippar's BlippBuilder platform.  I also found images that related to the poem and created a slideshow within Blippar's BlippBuilder platform.  Blippar has made it pretty easy to self-publish your augmented content.  All you really need to know is how to click the "Upload" button and find your files.  You can take this project a step further and add a video or audio file of the student reading the color poem.

I would create a bulletin board and post all of the students triggers they created along with instructions on how to activate the augmented part.  I would also create the augmented poems all in the same campaign so that all of the triggers had the same code.  You could even add their trigger image to their writing journal.

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