iPad App Evaluation

iPad App Evaluation

With iPads becoming more and more popular in the classroom so has iPad apps.  As teachers and even parents we need to stop and think about a few key elements of the apps we are about to either purchase or download for free.  

  1. Relevance - What is the relevance of the the app?  What is it's focus and is it relevant to the subject and or topic being taught or learned?
  2. Customization - Does this app offer complete flexibility to alter the content and settings to meet the student's needs?
  3. Feedback - Does the app provide any kind of feedback?
  4. Thinking Skills - Does the app encourage any higher order thinking skills, which could include creating, evaluating or analyzing?
  5. Usability - Can the app be launched and operated independently?
  6. Engagement - Does the app highly motivate the student?
  7. Sharing - Can the student share easily share the student's performance or product he or she created?
  8. Common Core - Can this app be used to meet any of the common core standards?
I have created a printable App Evaluation you can download it either in my TPT store or my Teacher Notebook store.  Using the App Evaluation you can rate the relevance, customization, and etc...  You can also record/rate the instructions, sound, differentiation of the app.

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