Let's Build an Ice Cream Cone

Let's Build an Ice Cream Cone

With the temperatures rising I was inspired to create a few fun SMART Notebook Math activities.  Now I know what you are thinking; I don't have a SMART Board or my personal computer doesn't have the SMART Board software so I can't use this.  Let's break that myth right now.  You do not need a SMART Board to use any of the SMART Notebook files.  

What you need:

Steps in using SMART Notebook Express:

  • Go to the website
  • Click on the blue buttons that says "Open an Existing Notebook File"
  • Find your file and open it.
  • Presto you can interact with the file.
Now if you are wanting to use the SMART Notebook Express without being on the internet you can download the software.

You can also create new SMART Notebook files using the SMART Notebook Express.  Your kids can interact with any SMART Notebook file.

Some suggestions:

  • Practice Math Facts
  • Practice CVC
  • Create Mind Maps
  • Create Graphic Organizers
  • Make a Book Report
  • Write/Illustrate Your Summer
Now let's practice using some SMART Notebook Files:

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