Quizlet .... Making it Simple

Quizlet Making it Simple 

I recently learned about an online web tool called Quizlet thanks to a webinar.  As soon as the webinar was over I made my 1st online flashcards for my technology class.

Quizlet lets you quickly make your own digital flashcards, quizzes, the speller, and other games tied to your vocabulary words.  What I really love about this is that I can embed the flashcards into my classroom website.  You can also share these digital flashcards on your classroom twitter, blog, or even Faceboook.

Since I just learned about this free web tool I haven't had a chance to use it in the classroom.  Though my son who will be in Honors English in the fall had a summer assignment and we both sat down and created digital flashcards for his assignment.

Tech Tip:

  • Embed your flashcards to your classroom website, blog, or wiki.
  • If you use the quiz feature have your students show you their score before they close the page.

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