Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard Paint

On Pinterest I learned about chalkboard paint.  There are many uses of chalkboard paint and being a teacher I just fell in love with some of the DIY chalkboard paint projects. I had some wine glasses so I decided to dip the bottom of the glass into the chalkboard paint.  For a get together I was having I passed out the glasses and some chalk.  My guests decorated the glasses with the different colors of chalk.  At the end of the night my guests took home their glasses and some chalk.  Everyone enjoyed decorating their party favor and loved that they were able to take them home.

Some other projects you can do with chalkboard paint:
  • Paint a Wooden Sign and Hang or Display
  • Paint a Cookie Sheet and Hang or Display
  • Paint a section of a wall in a kids room or playroom
  • Frame a Painted Board and Hang or Display
  • Paint a Recycled Bottle and put flower in it
  • etc...

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