Preserving Life's Memories

Preserving Life's Memories

Now that I am a mother I wanted to preserve my family memories.  14 years ago I started paper scrapbooking.  I spent hours upon hours cutting, glueing, and scrapbooking our precious family memories.  I started to burn out on it since it took a lot of my time.

As I got more into scrapbooking I thought I would use some of my baby pictures, but realized I didn't have any nor did anyone in my family.  This made me even more discouraged.  

We added to our family just recently and wanted to find a better way to scrapbook.  I found several online/digital scrapbooking sites but again became very discouraged.  I started calling these sites cookie cutter scrapbook sites.  They wouldn't let me modify the layout to better fit my pictures.  I finally found the answer when a friend introduced me to Heritage Makers.  I feel head over heals in love with the program.  I loved it so much I decided I wanted to teach others how to perserve their life's memories, so I became a consultant for the company. 

It doesn't matter which way you decide to preserve your life's memories as long as you just do it.  I have been digital scrapbooking for the past 3 years and have some amazing projects as a result.  I really no longer go to the store to purchase cards any more.  I try to send personalized cards, either with my photography, pictures of our family, or from the amazing art work provided by the company.

I prefer digital scrapbooking due to the fact all I need is my laptop.  When my family is watching something I just really don't care for I pull at my laptop and scrapbook.  My newest project is now preserving our family heritage.  I have been busy scanning old photos and slides.  I have been using a Hand Wand Scanner for this.  I found it to be very use to use and I don't have to remove the old photos for their books.  Which is good since they are glued down.  The project has really taken a life on all its own.  I have learned a lot about my husband's family that I would have never learned otherwise. 

I receive several comments on how do I have the time to scrapbook.  It really doesn't take me a lot of time.  I like to do it while I watch T.V. or when the family is watching something I don't care for.  I also make the time.  I decided if I don't do it who will?  

To help you start preserving life's memories I have a few links you can check out.

Preserving Life's Memories
Heritage Makers

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