Teaching Technology to K-2 Grades

Teaching Technology to K-2 Grades

To help my teacher friends find resources on what and how to teach technology to kids in grades kindergarten through the 2nd grade I made boards on Pinterest and a webmix on Symbaloo.  I have also made some resources as well.

With technology so enriched in our daily lives it is very important that we teach our kids how to use the tools properly and effectively.  Even kindergarteners can be taught letter recognition and build proper keyboarding skills.  It is also important for kids to learn the proper technology vocabulary.  So when they are needing help they don't say that thinging on the watch-a-call-it is not working.  It will also save time and frustration for all parties. 

If you would like my lesson on teaching keyboard to grades k-2 visit my TPT store or my Teacher Notebook store.

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