Glogster Edu

Glogster Edu

I've shared a few web tools that I love such as Symbaloo and Pinterest.  These web tools are great for organizing and sharing.  Glogster EDU on the other hand is great for creating or producing content.  If you do a search for just plan Glogster you will get the version that is open to the world.  Glogster EDU is especially for education use and I highly recommend this version if you are going to use it with students.

What is Glogster EDU?  Glogster EDU is online collaboration tool a.k.a. a web tool for teachers and students to be creative as they express their knowledge, ideas, and skills.

Teachers can register for a free single user account.  There is a down side with a single user account, you can't have any student accounts under the teacher.  They do have different levels of teacher accounts which you can have student accounts under the teacher account.  Having a teacher account with student accounts allows the teacher to moderate student work without asking for the link of each glog or waiting for it to be published.  The teacher can also recommend glogs to the students.  Students can also view other student glogs within the online classroom as soon as they are published.

Students can also make free singer user accounts.  Again the down side is the teacher can't see what is going on until the student shares the glog.  The student also needs to be 13 years or older to have an account.  If the student is under the age of 13 he/she will need to have a parent/guardian permission.

Resources for Glogster EDU:

Tech Tip:

  1. If you choose for each student to create their own free account keep a list of their user names and passwords, just in case they forget it.
  2. If students create their own free accounts make sure they either make their account with a nick name or maybe a first name and last initial. 
  3. Before you have your students start using Gloster EDU make rules and talk about Internet Safety, Cyberbullying, and their Digital Footprint.

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