Santa Hugs

Santa Hugs

I recently met Santa John from Santa America.  If you don't know about Santa America, it is a national volunteer service.  They have over one-hundred Santas across America visit children and families in crisis.   They are currently working on launching a Santa Canada. 
A Santa will visit when a child or family needs him. He will visit any time of the year and will bringing love, hope and joy to special needs children in a loving visit of about an hour at home, hospital, or hospice.

After visiting with Santa John I decided I would help out and make Santa Hugs.  I picked up the pattern and directions.  Santa John gave me the ribbon and some little advice when making the hugs.  I may not be the best at sewing but I decided I just had to try.  I now have successfully made 3 Santa Hugs and plan on making as many as I can.  I am currently working on recruiting some volunteers in sewing these hugs.  

If you would like more information about Santa Hugs or how you can help visit their website.

ESA Convention 2012 with Santa John

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