Tips on Digital Couponing

Tips on Digital Couponing

On my 1st attempt to use digital coupons I saved $20.  I was so proud of myself that I tried it again.  This time I took my husband with me so he could see what I was doing.  On my second attempt I saved $12.72.  So in my two times I tried out digital coupons I saved a grand total of $32.72, not too bad.  I impressed my husband so much he decided he wanted digital coupons added to his Dillons card, so like a good wife I set him up.  Now when ever I clip a digital coupon not only does it go to my rewards card but now it also goes to his.  Since I now have over 60 digital coupons loaded on to my rewards card I wasn't sure how I could keep them all straight.  Some expire before others and some you have to purchase more than one item or have to purchase a certain size.  I so wish that Dillons would make an app so that all of the coupons would show up on my phone.

Then it hit me.  No I didn't make an app for Dillons but there is a free web tool that will sync from my computer to my phone.  Evernote is a wonderful tool that can be used on any computer and will sync with the Evernote app on your phone and or iPad plus it is FREE.

Step 1: Sign up for a free Evernote account and download it to your computer.
Step 2: Load all of your digital coupons to your rewards card.
Step 3: Login to your account on the Dillons website.
Step 4: Go to In Store ---> Coupons -----> Digital Coupons ---> View Your Coupons
Step 5: Click Print List (a new window will open with a printable list of all your coupons)
Step 6: In your Menu Bar Click Edit.  Then Select All.  (on a Mac Command+A)
Step 7: Go Back to Edit and then Click Copy. (on a Mac Command+C)

Open up Evernote and create a new note.
  • Now you are going to Paste what you copy into the New Note - Either Edit ---> Paste or on a Mac Command+V.
Evernote auto saves.  I would name your new note Coupons + the Date, so that you remember when you saved your list, just a suggestion.

To view your list on your phone you will need to download the Evernote app which you can find in the App store.  Once you login to the Evernote app your Coupon list will be there.

When you update your coupon list you can either delete your old list from your Evernote and just paste the new one or you can make a new Evernote, your choice.  Once you do this a few times it will become easier.

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