Edchat Interactive .... Reflection

Edchat Interactive .... Reflection

I had a chance to present an interactive webinar with Edchat Interactive.  This was the 1st time I had done a webinar where I could interactive with the participants.  In the past when I presented on a webinar I had 30 minutes and I did all the talking and sharing.  At the end I would answer some questions that were submitted to the moderator. I really enjoyed being able to interactive with the audience.  Even though I am use to talking to myself, being a mom of 3 kids you get use to that.  This platform made it more engaging for me as the presenter.

The topic I presented on was Seeing a Different Kind of Reality.  Augmented reality is one of my passions.  I really love sharing how I am using AR in my classroom.  I also love to learn how others are using AR in theirs. Augmented reality is a great tool to engage students.  We are just at the start of how augmented reality is being used in education.  The possibilities are literally endless.

If you missed the Edchat Interactive webinar no worries it was recorded.  The only problem watching a recording of an interactive edchat is you lose out in participating.  If you get a chance check out what topics are coming up next and join in on a interactive edchat.  I am sure you will see me again on future Edchat Interactive sessions.


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