Reflection of edcampOKC....

Reflection of edcampOKC....

Due to weather edcampOKC was rescheduled from Feb. 28th to March 7th which allowed me to attend this year.  A colleague of mine and I got up way to early on March 7th and left Pratt around 4 am.  We drove the 4 and half hours to South Moore high school in Moore, Oklahoma where edcampOKC was being held.  We arrived just in time so I could sign up to lead a discussion on augmented reality.  I actually ended up leading not 1 session but 2 on the topic of augmented reality in education.  I also lead a session on green-screen projects.  I came prepared with plenty of augmented reality tools as well as my mini green-screen made from a pizza box.

I shared a variety tools from coloring augmented pages to being emerged in 360° environment.  The majority of the educators that joined me in the AR sessions had not really tried an augmented experience.  There was a small handful that had and were even creating their own AR experiences.  The session was hands on and I encouraged the participants to play and explore the variety of augmented experiences.  The favorite AR experience that really got the participants talking about how they could use this tool in their classroom just happened to be the 360° environments from AugThat.

I really love attending edcamps and sharing with educators.  Edcamps are a relaxed environment and allows others to get up and share that might normally not.  The sessions open up a line of communication, allow collaboration, and make connections.

If you were not able to attend this years edcampOKC no worries there were some amazing people taking notes for you.  Thanks Oklahoma educators for listening and connecting with me.  I do plan to attend next year if it all works out again.  I may not get up quite so early.


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