Reflection of Discover Magnet....

Reflection of Discover Magnet....

I had the pleasure of presenting to a great group of Wichita educators.  I shared with them how I have used an app that helps my students and myself create one of a kind green-screen projects.  I enjoyed watching the teachers brainstormed ways they could use this app in their classroom.  I loved watching them create their own mini video clip using the white board in front of the room or one of the mini green-screen that I brought along with me.

With the Veescope Live app you do not need a green-screen to use it.  I showed the teachers in my session how to use the plain white board as the "green-screen".  You can use any solid color background, it is best you do not use a brown background since it is very close to skin color.  I also had 4 pizza boxes that I had transformed into mini green-screens.  I brought along with me a few characters for the teachers to play with so that they could experience creating mini green-screen project.

For most of the day I was the augmented reality guru on campus.  I showed teachers how to use already pre-made augmented triggers.  Teachers had a chance to experience how these triggers work.  I loved watching them play and discuss how they thought augmented reality worked.  We collaborated on ways we could use these pre-made triggers in the classroom and started sharing on a Padlet board.  Throughout the day the teachers shared about my augmented reality session.  I needed up having several teachers come and
ask for my business card which was augmented and the resources I shared.

Towards the end of the day I shared ways teachers and students could start creating their own augmented reality experiences.  It was truly a great day of learning.


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