Take the AR Challenge - #TechieEdu.....

Take the AR Challenge - #TechieEdu.....

Augmented reality is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user's view of the real world, thus providing a composite view.  Augmented reality is a tool to engage students.  There are several pre-made augmented triggers that you can use or you can create special augmented triggers of your own.  When lessons are engaging learning takes place.

Some AR Ideas:

  • Use a Augmented Color page as a writing prompt, to enhance a writing project or to teach revision skills. 
  • Use the DOT Day color sheet and have kids design interactive LOGOS. 
  • Elements 4D has Lessons and Printable Blocks. 

History Projects On the Scene Reports Interviews with Historical Characters Audio Clips Interactive Maps.

The Challenge:

Use an augmented trigger in one of your lessons.  It could be an AR coloring sheet from colAR, Chromville, or even Color Alive. You could even use the NASR 3D trigger, Elements 4D blocks, or even Cybercase Shape Quest.
  • Take pictures of your students using the AR trigger. 
  • Post your project on the AR Project Ideas board. http://padlet.com/tigerlovessmoke/arprojects
    a. What was your project?
    b. How did you use the AR trigger?
    c. What AR experience did your trigger have? (video, music, 3D object, & etc...)
    d. Did your AR trigger have more than one AR experience?
    e. What was the reaction from your students? 
  • Share your AR experience with other educators. 
  • Tweet out your AR Project. Use the hashtag #TechieEdu


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