Google Draw + Green-Screen + iMovie = Amazing

Google Draw + Green-Screen + iMovie = Amazing

For our end of the semester project my students combined 3 powerful tools together to create a one of a kind digital story.  Before they could even start drawing, recoding, and publishing their stories they first had to write them.  Once their stories were on paper they got busy putting shapes together to create their illustrations.  They used Google Draw for this part of the project.  The only requirement was that they needed at least 4 scenes for their stories.  After they had finished creating their illustrations they downloaded each one as a jpeg file.  Since they had to use the computer to use Google Draw and the Green-Screen app was on their iPads they had to email themselves their picture files.  Once they had their picture files saved to the camera roll on their iPad they could use the app Veescope Live Full version to record themselves telling their stories in front of my green wall.  After all the recording were done they imported all of their recordings into iMovie and put together their stories.

Click Here for Student Stories - Check often as we are still finishing our stories.

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